Recent Work (4/18/2016)

Recent Changes on Logic Lights:

  • Automatic wiring when terminals overlap
  • Delete existing wires when bringing the ends together
  • Delete elements when placed back into their factories
  • Added word "Trash" to the trash
  • Save "tried" to player's record when exiting program while playing the level
  • Made the play area larger so you can drop the logic elements on switches and lights
  • Cleaned up a couple of invisible properties
    • Encapsulated some functionality on deletion into the element class
    • Fixed a problem in the factories that redrew the factories every cycle of the game loop.

Other things that need doing:

  • Save the game state on close during the middle of the game, also saving an in-progress tag for the puzzle.
  • Drawings:
    • Fix the drawing of Or to be nicer-looking
    • Draw a trashcan for the trash