Recent Work 5/11/2106

The current version of Logic Lights is kept here.

Additions in the last couple of days:

  • Background work on refactoring the wires to be composed of individual segments.
    • Some other things on hold during this refactor.
  • Created a working clasp to look in on wires.
    • Clasps are held in the wires they peek into.
    • Clasps can act only as inputs.
    • Had to modify wires to figure out relative position on the wire from absolute position and vice-versa.

To Do:

  • Clasps:
    • Need to be able to select wires attached to clasps, deleting the clasp if that wire was the last one attached to the clasp.
    • Similarly, need to be able to recognize clasp has been selected when a wire is being dragged around and add additional wires to the junction.
    • When wire with a clasp on it is deleted, the clasp is deleted, but not the wire that uses it as a probe.

Other things noticed:

  • When a logic element is placed in an invalid position where it would automatically connect to another element, the wire is created and even though the logic element isn't saved.