The Fibber, 2/11/2017

Fibber was in good shape when I started my new job -- better than I expected when I went back to it last weekend.  So before starting something else, I cleaned it up a little  and made an executable for it. I basically reformatted the layout and added a scoring system, which required a minor refactor.

When I first thought of it, I thought the sequence would be harder than 2048, and so I was going to put a wild card (the fibber) into it -- but in playing the game, it became obvious that it's actually easier.  If I count the position in the sequence, e.g. for the Fibonacci sequence {1,1,2,3,5,8,13,21,35,...} the position n = 7 is the number 13, I am able to get three spots higher in 2048 than Threes and three spots higher in the Fibber than 2048.  So, no wild card was needed.

Turns out that there are already a few Fibonacci sequence-based 2048-like games out there already, so I'll just leave the game as-is for you to enjoy.




The Fibber, 8/12/2016

Started work on The Fibber, a slider game based on the Fibonacci sequence.

  • Have got the grid running and the initial random placement of the tiles. 
  • Have basic control started: click and slide.  It detects a click and hold (or touch and hold on the screen) and makes a partial movement in the direction the tiles will move when the finger is removed.
    • Does not move the edges off of the game board.