Windows Version of Logic Lights is Running

I've finished the Logic Lights game, a game where you try to match the behavior of a light that is connected to several switches by constructing a wiring diagram with the basic logic elements -- and, or and not. 

Right now, it's a Python prototype packaged with py2exe.

What it includes:

  • 340 puzzles
  • Three (3) logic gates -- and or and not
  • Up to four (4) switches per puzzle
  • Wires that connect elements
  • Multiple users / logins
  • Remembers puzzle either won or just tried.

Where I would like to go from here:

  • Quality factors for wins (minimizing the number of logic elements)
  • Automatic wiring when terminals overlap (this is something players assume)
  • More control over wire position (to help identify the wires)
  • Delete existing wires when both terminals are on the same terminal (this is something players assume)
  • Delete elements when placed over their factories (this is something players assume)
  • Create connections at the midpoint of wires (so that players don't have to bunch connections at terminals)
  • Larger numbers of switches (needs scrolling and scaling functions to have enough room)
  • Unlocks for the above (not needed until the scrolling and scaling functions are created)
  • Randomization of levels for different users (levels are procedurally generated, and so guessable) 
  • Web and Android versions (I don't feel Windows is the best platform)

I'll put it up as soon as the .zip file creates a working game on the available machines around here.