Recent Work 4/21/2016 & Update

I have decided to keep the downloads on one page, here.  This will be important as I make updates.  Announcements will be made in the blog.  I should use version numbers but I don't have a good idea about how far along I am in the game: sometimes, I think it's complete and sometimes I think I'm a quarter done.


  • Created a ground, which will not be apparent in the update. (see below).
  • Added an indication that the boxes on the puzzle choice screen have different numbers of switches in each by adding the word "switches."  (graphics might be better, not sure about the value).  

To Do:

  • Use the ground so that no puzzle is complete unless all terminals are wired, even if to a ground.  I think the null wiring puzzle for one terminal is fine, but each set of switches basically has the same solution for level zero right now.  If I forced complete wiring, then large, dull networks would have to be formed (although there's another case where this happens, but I think this just supports my idea to remove it where it can be removed).
    • Either make the ground automatically switch directions when connected to an output instead of an input _or_ allow the user to swap the direction of the ground manually.
  • Add a visual indication that the large numbers on the level boxes are number of switches used in the puzzle.