Recent Work, 5/28/2016

Getting pretty close to a new version, but the currently working one is here.

Since there's so much different now as compared to the original release, I'll probably do another video at the same time.


  • Allows player to add segments to a wire's end and therefore make wires of arbitrary shape.


  • Finally found the error that wasn't updating the wires connected to a clasp.  Now, I probably have a lot of trimming to do, both with traces and with extraneous code.
  • Also fixed the disappearing wire problem (it was turning vertical wires into horizontal wires whenever the two endpoints were the same).  The fix will help to attach wires at different angles and to allow the player to add wire segments to make things more readable.
  • Fixed several errors with choosing clasps with two lines of code.
  • Fixed a minor error where the wire would flash out to a strange place when first created from a terminal (for one frame, most likely) before working correctly.
  • Another minor fix or fix along the way in the last day or two that I should have written down.


  • Removing clasps sometimes works correctly, sometimes deletes clasp while selecting wire segment instead.
  • Wires connected by clasps are no longer being deleted when logic elements are tossed into the garbage.