Recent Work, 6/12/2016

You can get the current version of Logic Lights here.  It does have a rather glaring new issue, but it doesn't affect the game play, it just doesn't remember anything you did after you log out.


  • Fixed the ghost text.  This was an effect of the hack-in during the refactor.  Since I want everything to work every step of the way (or as much as possible), I have some strange code that will disappear later.  In this case, I kept adding more labels to the Screen object for the login screen, but this probably would have disappeared after screens are self-executing.
  • The game window is not resizable, but page where levels were chosen still included resize code.  So I deleted it. 


  • Modified the Message class so that a variable is a method subscription such as thing.get_name or game.get_score that is updated during rendering.
  • Have moved to creating the display in the Game() object (currently central; this will change when the game() function is obsolete).  For now, this means that each of the screen functions takes only one argument (central), but it also allows me to make each function look more like its final state when fully incorporated into the Game() object.
  • Moved the exit controls to the Game() class.

To Do:

  • Will need to add active elements in foreground for win screen.  Remember: the win notice fades in.
  • Also need to add active animations for the confetti.  (probably in Game() class, not Screen()).