Recent Work, 6/5/2016


Found a problem (that's in the latest release) where the evaluation chain for the current state doesn't work correctly.  On top of that, a random error made me roll back because the game was retiring on its own.

After revising back to the old game and doing a little work, it fixed itself readily but unexpectedly.


  • Worked on Screen() and ColorScheme() classes, starting in on integration first with the pads.
    • Renderer needs to have top-level access to the game object.  Icky mixing between refactors seems to be needed.

Other Things to Do for Graphics:

  • Buttons and Factories need to be raised (or lowered?) to make their purpose clear.
  • Different pointers for different purposes:
    • Mostly use the arrow, but
    • Add a pointy finger over the buttons, and
    • Add a grabby hand for movable objects and factories, that
    • Becomes a closed hand when pulling something around, while
    • Showing a soldering iron over pads and while drawing wires, while
    • becomes a clasp when the end of a wire is over a terminal. 
  • Border for play area.