Additional Work 8/10/2017

It's almost a game.

Did some additional work on the bank when a few inconsistencies showed up while creating a scoring mechanism (the score is the total number of points gained by killing creeps right now.  I may modify that to be the total number of points gained by killing creeps with towers, i.e., not counting collisions with walls and towers).  

Created area effect towers that do pulse damage. so that every N milliseconds, the tower damages all creeps in neighboring squares.  I modified how sparks are made slightly in order to see the effect happening.

Turned the destroy source feature back on.  Hoping to use this to help build an end state for the game.  Adding the lose state will turn this into a game.  And, in fact, it does work if none of the sites drop a source before the first source is destroyed.  

Part of the error, though, is the same one that causes problems with the rendering of dropped sources.  All indications now point to, at some point, overwriting the ground with the source itself.  After the source is supposed to be destroyed, it remains, and even regenerates the way it's supposed to (if it survives).

To Do:

  1. Animation for area effect towers.  Although something it happening right now, it's not clear what.
  2. Change sparks so that they have different effect from different sources.  A wall should do what they do now: go backwards from the wall.  A non-destructive hit from the side should have sparks move away from the tower.  A projectile, in the direction of the projectile.  Etc.
  3. Modify AI for direct assault if towers will kill all creeps.
  4. Reprogram the remaining creeps after killing a source so that they go after the next closest source.
  5. Determine a more appropriate end state: No towers connected to sources and not enough money to buy new towers.
  6. Power up creeps each wave/ each time they're called.