Recent Work 4/19/16


  • I faded in the win notification on the win screen to make it less sudden.
  • I added some flying, spinning wingdings on the win screen.
    • I modified the win screen so that it doesn't time out and you can enjoy your confetti.


  • I removed some reused code for the backgrounds and simplified the backgrounds.
    • These functions came from a package I used in the video game physics program.
    • Part of this was to help make the spinning wingdings easier to handle.
    • This may make scaling harder later on, since part of the reason for the Background and Field classes was to make resizing screens easy in the course.
  • I removed legacy MVC functions because they aren't used here.  I do need to integrate the screens, and when I do I will use and MVC model, but it will be a more specialized one than I created for the course.