Recent Work, 5/14/2016

You can find the current version of the game here.


  • Worked mainly on clasps and getting the game into a state that would allow for the next release, which it's pretty close to right now.
    • Hardest error was that when you deleted a wire that had several probes clasped to it, only every other one was deleted (it took awhile to figure that out, in itself, rather than just the additional probes were not deleted).
    • Can now select clasped probes and move them around.  If the wire isn't connected properly at the end of a move, the clasp will return and the wire will be reattached to it.
    • Strange error came when the other side of a wire connected to a clas was deleted -- the whole program crashed.
  • Also, did a final render on a win, so that the last terminal wired is drawn as connected

Downgraded Items:

  • After playing around with multiple clasps, don't see a need to attach multiple wires to a single probe.  Works good enough without that.

To Do:

  • I need to get the wires to come in perpendicularly to each other at the clasps.  Right now that would be difficult and hacky (and the game is hacky enough), so this will need to wait until the wires have been refactored into segments.