Recent Work 5/8/2016

You can get the current version of the game here.


  • Made black space on sides of wires to help clarify paths.

Worked on:

  • Making the wires more flexible through moving the kink around and adding more kinks.
    • Created some relative positioning for the the kink.
    • Made structure inside LogicWire() to handle multiple kinks.
  • Creating a probe or clasp to see what is going on inside of a wire without having to wire to an output terminal.
    • Created the base class, inherited from the Pad() class.
    • Created some logic inside of the LogicWire() class to work with the clasp, including deleting the clasp when the wire is deleted.

To Do:

  • Wires:
    • Need to create an indefinite set if independent wire segments that function as a single unit.
    • Need to be able to select wire segments and move them around, including creating new segments when a new one is required.
  • Clasp:
    • Need to flesh out the clasp and add logic to the event handlers to create a new clasp when placed on a wire.