Additional Work, 8/1/2017

:Expanded colors to 8: black, yellow,blue,red,green,orange,purple,black.  This will let me create composite creeps (which, right now, will come from power ups) and towers (which will need to be supplied by two or three different sources).

Expanded AI to be attracted to sources of same color, repulsed by different colors (temporary, just looking for interactions between colors).  This means that paths will differ according to the creep color.

Started in on supply.  Each tile has three sets of supply tokens, delineating the different sources of supply for each tile.  Currently, only the tiles next to sources are supplied, but walls will conduct supply to farther points.  Supply does work for multiple sources.

Error: Sometimes sites will supply tiles when spawning even though they don't hold a source (about 1/5 do).  Whatever this problem is, it has to do with source spawning from inside the sites and could be related to the problem when sources don't produce the correct background color.