July Overview


Simplified board expansion.  If board stays unidirectional, then this stays same.  If I want to expand in more directions, then I'll have to do something else.  This fixed some AI errors and some tracking (ghosting) errors.

Instituted different colors for sites, sources, and creeps.

Improved movement to reflect terrain speed.

Creeps damage wall in self-detonation upon collision:

  • Detect presence of object in square.
  • Explosions of different sizes.
  • Particle effects. 

Creeps have different properties (fast/slow,light/armored)

Improved AI to calculate base on both the underlying terrain (how fast a creep travels on it) and the structure in it (attacted to sources, avoidant of walls).

Reduced AI to single calculation per wave.


  • Scale dependent rendering for sources, sites, and walls
  • Wall indicate connections and turns and so on.
  • Sources animated, with strength indicated in animation.


To Do


Higher order colors (green,orange,purple,white)

Start VCS


AI improvements:
Preference / avoidance of like colors.

Behavior Improvements
Power ups from passing through sources.
Destroying sources during power ups (light, 1 hit) and path ends (full dose)


Power conduction through walls.  Start at sources, terminates at towers.

  • Decide what to do with under powering line.
  • Animate power line; different for different colors and scales.


Start on basic towers (basic towers may be it for PC demo game):

  • Blue - Slide, neighboring tiles
  • Red - Damage, ranged
  • Yellow - Weaken, neighboring tiles


  1. Sources have wrong background colors (their own color, not that of underlying ground).
  2. Occasional (1 / 10 runs) AI crashes on board expansion: no path from one end.